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ZeroVector is a retro arcade vector-display-style vertical shoot'em up game for iOS and Android.

You have three lives to get the maximum score you can. Waves of enemies are procedurally generated and different every time. Upgrade your ship, make use of dropped items, and trigger your special reversal ability to survive the onslaught!

E-mail me to join the beta! jim@blackpawn.com

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Alpha build #2 is now posted! 

What's new??
• You'll notice once you get into the game now things are a bit more colorful. Do you like it? Let me know!  : )

• Bullets move slower now to make things a bit easier starting out. Hopefully this helps out with new players a bit.
• On Android, double tap to trigger reversals works properly now. 
• Big performance boost for lower spec Android devices! This build has a little FPS display in upper right so you can check that you're getting a nice 60FPS. If you're getting a low frame rate (like 45, 30, or below please let me know what device you're running on!) 
• While EMP is going on if you grab another E then prepare for insanity! xD
• When you pause the game there's now option to Quit
• When you die your score multiplier is now cut in half instead of resetting all the way to x1.
• Probably other stuff, I forget now :P

Thanks everyone for your feedback, ideas, and bug reports! Bunch more still to come including a new boss battle!