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ZeroVector is an intense and super fun retro arcade shoot 'em up game! Get it FREE for iOS and Android.

You have three lives to survive as many enemy waves as you can while racking up the biggest score.

Your special ability is the REVERSAL. When it is fully charged tap a second finger to the screen to instantly hack all incoming bullets and send them hurtling back towards the enemy ships!

Collect weapon upgrades to transform your ship from a harmless scout to the ultimate death machine!

Be smart in how you use dropped items to clear enemy waves and protect yourself from overwhelming numbers of bullets.

What is the highest score you can achieve? Collect bonuses to increase your score multiplier for maximum results! Climb as high as you can in the global leaderboard and share your results online!

E-mail me to join the beta and try new stuff early! jim@blackpawn.com

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