Major update 0.2 now LIVE!

The 0.2 update is now live on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store!!

Thanks everyone for your support, encouraging reviews, and especially to all those who purchased tacos from the store! You’ve quite literally fueled the creation of this 0.2 update!!

* All new Conquest multiplayer mode. Battle for control of sectors on the grid!
* Two epic new bosses with three phase battles, animations, and fun attacks!
* All new enemies and firing patterns to enjoy!
* Four unique stage appearances and dynamic backgrounds!
* Weapon overdrive attack burst!
* Upgraded visuals and effects!

Hope you have lots of fun with this new update! Please consider leaving a review, sharing with friends, and visiting the store. You can also join our Discord to share scoring strategies, talk smack to rival Conquest factions, discuss ideas for future updates and more. Ok, have fun out there everyone!!

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